I'm still working on this...and some might not be accurate but eh...


Rocky: Are that kind of person who likes to had fun? The guy that likes to hang out with friends? Do you make fanfiction about other people? Then you must be Rocky! The small loveable mushroom who's one "fun-guy!"

Potato Man: Were you once a bad person but suddenly became good? Do you not like romantic or makey-outy stuff? Do you lack a sense of love? Are you a weird, yet strong person? Then you're Potato Man! The one person who wants to keep things clean and appropriate because of the kid-sake!

Aps17: Do you like memes? Do like talking about the same things over and over again? Are you a person who doesn't like inappropriate stuff, but has to deal with it? Do you worry about others and there actions? Have you ever wanted to learn how to animate? Then you must be Aps17! The fresh edgy memer who is always trying to keep things tidy!

It: Are you a dastardly master mind? Do you love to ruin things? Do you have dark past that hide from everyone? Do love creating? Are you straight up merciless? Well sadly, you're It...A evil being that wants to rid the universe from existence...

Salad Fingers: Are you a oddball? Are you interested in weirds things? Do you talk to objects? Do you like to act out? Are you a kind person? Then you're Salad Fingers! A weird but nice fellow who always gets into weird scenarios!

Gogo: Do you have a wild imagination? Are you chaotic? Do you say things or do things that don't make sense? I think you are Gogo Dodo, the friend all of the other friends count on for ideas!

Ashley: Do you love the 80's? Do you experience deja vu a lot? Are you very crafty? Have you slept in a boat? Then you're Ashley! A girl who was stuck in September 9, 1983!

Jadence: Do you tell everyone where you come from?

Ert90: You are a empty void that will never be completed, due to your robotic personality and appearance. You have no gender whatsoever. You have no friends. No family. You have never felt happiness in your life, nor have you felt any other emotion. You have no soul, just like It, but you aren't corrupt. You feel as if life has no meaning. Knowing that one day you may find true pleasure, it seems unlikely to happen...for you are Ert90...

Stingy: Do you have megalomania? Is everything YOURS?

MYG: Are you joyful? Are you always there for your friends? Do you have a undeniable urge to use your powers (abilities)?