The COMPLETE guide to weapons in Tippy!


When Jaina, Crow and the Skeleton Crew were stuck in It's Battle Rooms, Jaina got one of the bones in her helmet knocked out. Noticing the sharp edge, she made her removable helmet needles her weapon.


The Chainsaw of Love, a Gizmonic Institute brand chainsaw, is a very sharp, very loud chainsaw. It first appeared when Crow got into a fight with Kitchen.


The Bowie Knife is a spiritual/physical blade. It is incredibly powerful.


The Crescent Rose, a gun/scythe hybrid that Ruby made herself. It has a scope for accuracy and it can transform.


The Magnhild is a grenade launcher that contains 4 40-mm grenades. It can also turn into a hammer.


The StormFlowers are green pistols with blades on the bottom.

Qrow/T. Robot

The Crow's Beak is a sword/scythe. When fused with the Chainsaw of Love, the blade can rotate.


Grox's laser gun is a small yet powerful weapon that can burn through objects and people, so you better watch out! Don't let your kids use it!