The complete guide to Fusions in Tippy.

Physical Rules of Fusions


List of Fusions

Arranged in alphabetical order

Two Person Fusions

What are Two Person Fusions?

As the name suggests, Two Person Fusions consist of two people. This shouldn't have to be explained.

List of Two Person Fusions

Bendingitall/BIA (Mixing and Bendy)

Grans (Sans and Grox)

Jandy (Bendy and Jadence)

Mixing17 (Mixing and Aps17)


What are MultiFusions?

MultiFusions are fusions that consist of three or more people.

List of MultiFusions

Bowie^3 (David Bowie, Jareth, and Ziggy Stardust)

Joenike (Joel Robinson, Mike Nelson, and Jonah Heston)

Pager Mhilles (Paul McCartney, George Harrison, John Lennon, and Ringo Starr)


What are Amalgam?

Amalgam are what happens when a fusion fails or is unstable. Amalgam are very powerful, and they are very dangerous.

List of Amalgam

Bowroy [DEACTIVATED] (Mixing and David Bowie)

Devil Darling (Bendy and Dr. Frank N. Furter)