Time is a core trait of the RP Universe.

RP Master: Aps17

Main Character: Rocky

Student: Mysterious Yellow Guy

Symbol: Infinite symbol and Pi (Pi symbol only a appears if someone dies)

Associative Color: Crimson

Associative Species: Mememurr

Trail: Crimson Stripes

Rockstar Persona: Styx N. Stones W.I.P

Alter Ego: The Lock Master

History of the Time RPers 

Back then, Aps17 was nothing but a plain old memer. Until one day, he was introduced to RP and everything changed, he became the RP master of time and Rocky entered his soul. No longer was Aps17 a normal memer, HE BECAME THE ULTIMATE MEMER!

The infinite symbol represents time itself, seeing that time is infinite and will never end. Pi on the other hand represents time being broken, scrambled and randomized.

As for his student, Mysterious Yellow Guy was given a clone of Aps17s soul, granting MYG to earn his powers! Though MYG may not be young at least he can keep Aps17s soul with him forever, until the end. When he activates the soul, he becomes the same species of Aps17, that being a mememurr, causing a dank reaction to happen!

Mememurrs [also known as dank memers] are a powerful (and dank) species that roam around the Internet using memes and old Internet jokes for power and knowledge. The only thing Mememurrs don't like are people who dislike memes, bad memes and horrible YTPs.

(More info soon)

Time RPer Powers

  • Can travel through time.
  • Can summon different things.
  • Reset Time/the universe