Space is a core element of the RP Universe.

RP Master: Mixingitall

Main Character: Bendy

Student: Jadence

Symbol: Crescent moon, Diamond star

Associative Color: Sea Green

Associative Species: Tablet People

Trail: Glittery Sea Green Water

Glasses: Orange

Gem: Ruby

Rockstar Persona: Roboto-Moondust

History of the Space RPers

The first time a Space RPer appeared in the RP universe is when Bendy revealed his RP Master, Mixingitall. Mixing later entered Bendy's soul after he was possessed by Maggie. Bendy and Mixing soon learned how to fuse and resonate into Bendingitall, or Bia for short. At the birth of Jadence, the son of Toriel and Clippy, Mixing gave a hat to Jadence, which gave him some of Mixing's powers as an RP master, and the ability to switch between Goatclip and Tablet Person. Jadence is to become Mixing's student, and the future RP Master.

Space RPer Powers

  • Teleportation
  • Summoning asteroids and meteors
  • Flight
  • Ability to see anywhere in the current universe
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