The Supreme Governmental Office of the Galatical Law (aka SGOGL) controls/rules universe and every AU (except if that AU has some sort of anarchy).


The SGOGL has been since the universe started up, they've spent so much time researching, protecting and taking down universes. The SGOGL consists of many different people, inculding Aps17, (aka The Lock Master), Clark, and Stanley.



Aps17 joined the SGOGL after he found a piece of metal that came off of Ert90s body. The SGOGL was suprised and happy that he found the piece. They then sent him a letter a few hours later to apply and become part of the organization. Aps17 joined the SGOGL and was hired as a "Bounty Hunter". Aps17 appears to have a good history with the SGOGL.





High Class members



  • The SGOGL have been trying to actually take down It for centuries. But they can't ever take him down due to the fact that no one can enter It's base...
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