For pairings and shippings in Tippy. Romantic, Platonic, and Hate Shipping.


Tippy (Toriel x Clippy)

Gar'Dyne (Gar'Skuther x Undyne)

SnakeCoin (SnakeEyes x Coiny)

Renora (Nora x Ren)

Arkos (Jaune x Pyrrha)

Bumbleby (Blake x Yang)

BoneClone (Bonehead1 x Synthia)

TechnoLove (Crow x Mixing)

KingaMax (Kinga x Max)

Itphrodite (AphroditeCore x It) [ONLY OCCURS WHEN IT IS SPICCY]

Bony Hearts (Bonehead2 x Jaina)

Master!~ (C.x.T.H.x.L.x.C x Urope) [Urope is actually really uncomfortable]

Lizard King (O.G Frank x Blakey) [best ship in the series]

Recipro-inception (Kappa x Iida) [They know it but they don't show it]

Doncho (Don Quixote x Sancho Panza)


Skeleton Crow (Jaina and Crow)

Sporish Demon (Rocky and Bendy)

Black Sun (Blake and Sun)

Onion Mushroom Stew (Rocky and Onion Bubs)

Angel and Demon (Mercy and Bendy)

Space Ink (Jadence and Bendy)

The 2-in-1 Glock (Dale and Ren)

The Deep Web (It and Screen)

True servants (It and servants)

The RP Masters (Aps17, Mixing, LFF AND Kappa)

The fun-guy (Aps17 and Rocky)

Team RWBY (Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang)

Team JNPR (Jaune, Nora, Pyrrha and Ren)

Onion Mushroom Stew (Onion Bubs and Rocky)

Bending Clip (Bendy and Clippy)

Double trouble (Dali and Goya)

No, I am your creator (Potato Man and Source Nose)

Master of the Lox (Master Lox and Henchmen 2.0)


Potato Pal (Potato Man and Aps17)

THE STEW CREW (Rocky, Onion Bubs, Potato Man)

Chess playa's (Screen and Skollo)

90's Kids (Jonah and Kinga)

Teenage Wildlife (Ashley and DAVID MOTHERTRUCKING BOWIE!!)

Friendly virus (Doodlinbugly and the RP Masters)

Lesgo break legs! (Kappa and Nora)

Hate Shipping

Clash of the Titans (Urope vs. It)

ScreenHeads (Screen vs. AphroditeCore)

Enemy of the Universe (Everyone good vs. It)

Terrible Nostalgia (Everyone Good Vs. Maggie the Squirrel)

No Sympathy For This Devil (Roboto-Moondust vs. It)

The Big Screen (Screen Vs. Everyone)

A somewhat weaker version of It (He (Him) vs. Everyone)

Glittery Screen of Death (Various characters vs Bowroy)

Revenge, you Stupid Cupid! (Various characters vs Cinder Fall)

Harvester Hater (Dali Vs. Various characters)

Unhygienic Beast (Goya Vs. Various characters)

The money making villian (Master Lox vs. Various characters)

HAAAIIIII GUUUUYYYZ (Dong vs. Mostly Everyone)

Betrayal (Master Lox vs. Henchmen)

Oni-Gogo! (Onion Bubs vs. Gogo)

Ert90 vs. ÷/#^^@<×&÷&#>%#^@,!['&÷[×> (2527e6367e8o29272ujsjss)

Creator Hater (Skollo Vs. It)

The World's Cruel Reailty (C.x.T.H.x.L.x.C vs Ert90)

Who drank the Kool-Aid? (C.x.T.H.x.L.x.C vs. Aps17)

I hope he can see this because I'm doing this as hard as I can (Err and Ignignokt Vs. Various characters)

Doodlinbugly vs everyone (Malware infection)