Mysterious Yellow Guy (aka MYG) is a character from the youtube video, Agamemnon Counterpart.

Agamemnon 01 (2)

MYG (Left) Blue Creature (Top right)

Physical Appearance

MYG had yellow skin, orange wavy hair and nose, and ridiculously large hands. He appears to have some sort of light blue Turtle-neck shirt, he also wears purple pants. He also seems to be riding on a cloud with small wings.


The video Agamemnon Counterpart is 1:00 long video that shows what appears to show a childrens cartoon that could've been produced during 20th century. In the video, MYG and a small blue blob like creature approach to the screen as the text appears saying "Let's make a new friend." It then cuts to a boy with no facial features except a mouth and possibly a nose. (W.I.P)