Master Lox is main villain in the 2007 game, U.B Funkeys.

Physical Appearance

Master Lox has a dark grey (if not black) outfit. His mask is a some what light grey with two red eyes. He also appears to have some sort of antennas.

Back Story

Supposedly, there was a event known as "The Great Disater" Which causesd many of the portals to go out, including the main one Dr. Tinker was working on. Coincidencely, Dr. Tinker was actually working on the main portal when the great disaster struck. Dr. Tinkers remains were never found after The Great Disater occurred.

Master Lox then mysteriously appeared during that time, and began to cause chaos throughout The Funkey Society. Master Lox then used the remaining portals to restrict certain Funkeys from entering that portal.

Master Loxs true identity

After you retrieve all the crystal gems that make up the main portal, all the Henchmen malfunction and break while Master Lox gets captured.

It is revealed that Master Lox is secretly Dr. Tinker.

Dr. Tinker was actually trying to steal the crystals gems, rather than working on the the main portal. When Dr. Tinker attempted to go through the main portal, it exploded, along with all the crystals shattering into peices.