It is a immortal being that can be found in his dark realm (aka his prison-like home or something).


It is a corrupt being that seems to hate (almost) everything, It finds Tippy to be cringy and overall terrible, but yet again, he thinks Mixing and Aps17 for making Tippy happen, because It was created along with Tippy.


It is somewhat large, not too skinny, and appears to have humanoid body shape.

It is the color of that of the night sky and has shiny red eyes.

Back Story

A long time ago, It was created, Qintall took good care of It, during this time It wasn't so corrupt and powerful, Until Urope was born, thats when Qintall put all his attention on Urope and left It to take care of himself. This is caused Its soul to shrivel up and become nothing, turning him against his father and little brother. It eventually killed Qintall, causing Urope to seal him in a dark realm that who couldn't escape, unless if he had 6 souls.

Also, It had a girlfriend at one point in time. Her name was reality. They broke up when It killed Qintall. Not much is known about there relationship.



  • It has a secret crush on AphroditeCore
  • It is aware that he's in a RP
  • It hates Tippy