Illusion is a core trait of the RP Universe.

RP Master: Kappadash

Main Character: Dale Gribble

Student: ???

Symbol: A spiral flare with claws coming out of it.

Associative Color: Amber

Associative Species: Faunus

Trail: Amber flare

Glasses: Magenta

Gem: Rose Quartz

Rockstar Persona: Queen Mercury

History of the Illusion RPers

Kappa was just plain ORDINARY on the outside. However, on the inside Kappa was destined. She only knew this subconsciously but it was true. Aps unlocked Kappa's interior destiny and was invited to become an RP Master.

Kappa did not expect Dale Gribble to enter her soul. It still felt REALLY good. She granted the ability of illumining and became the RP Master of Illusion.

Kappa also went to a What King of the Hill character are you? poll just to verify. Guess what she got? You guessed it! Dale Gribble.

Illusion RPer Powers

  • Give people omens.
  • Plays tricks with people's minds
  • Shapeshifting