Crow is a robot from Mystery Science Theater 3000.


Crow is usually friendly but can also be very harsh at times.


Crow is one of the robots built by Joel Robinson to endure with the terrible movies sent to him by Dr. Clayton Forrester and TV's Frank. He is one of the show's main characters.


Crow is a recurring character who helps the protagonists with their goal. He is shown to be a good friend of Jaina, and is often associated with Mixing.

When Ashley introduced him to Project VARBB, Crow grew very excited, and currently uses it as a manner of battle. His weaponry includes the Chainsaw of Love and several blades (See Weaponry).


  • Crow formed a short-lived group known as the Chaotic Goods, consisting of Rocky The Shiitake, Jaina, and himself.
  • He once fought Grox for Mixing's affection.
  • His body is shown to warm up when asleep or cuddling.
  • In the Rocky Horror AU, Crow takes the place of Riffraff.