"You could replace all of that with 'I drank the Kool-Aid' and it wouldn't make a difference." - C.x.T.H.x.L.x.C

C.x.T.H.x.L.x.C (Pronounced "Catholic") is mysterious person, similar to Ert90.

Physical Description

C.x.T.H.x.L.x.C is a tablet person, similar to Mixing. Her screen is black, and it only displays a white cross. She will be seen in various outfits, but the most common is a black shirt, gray jeans, and a black bandanna around her screen. A notable feature is the large crack in screen.

She is usually seen carrying a large gun. C.x.T.H.x.L.x.C can also be seen with a lit cigarette in her mouth.


Unlike Ert90, C.x.T.H.x.L.x.C. is more open. She is described as bitter, quiet, and downright cynical.

She has been heard mumbling things about Urope, and how she's the prophet of Urope.

There have been reports of psychotic outbursts, and that C.x.T.H.x.L.x.C Has the tendency to hurt people, including etching the word "sinner" on their backs.


  • C.x.T.H.x.L.x.C Is the opposite of Ert90.
  • She knows about the Tippyverse as much as Ert90 does.
  • C.x.T.H.x.L.x.C Is the physical embodiment of repressed emotion.

Trivia (facts)

  • She is the second tablet person to appear in Tippy, following Mixing. Third if you count Jadence's tablet person form.
  • A common phrase of hers is "Shizz, (person's name), Get it together!" And then slapping the person she's referring to.
  • Mixing has called her "Cathy", and C.x.T.H.x.L.x.C has used her real name, KyoKeo, when talking to her.
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